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NESS NÖST is an alchemist of sound and genre. She is a sonic sorceress. A singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Ness is dichotomous, and combines elements of both dark and light, sweet and sorrow, old and new into her music. Ness’ sound travels through genres. Her vocals carry influences from the grit & sass of Bonnie Raitt, to the jazz of Sarah Vaughn, and the R&B stylings of Erykah Badu. Ness’ poetic lyricism and storytelling reflects the likes of Joni Mitchell and CSNY. When it comes to production and arrangement, Ness isn’t afraid to go stripped down and bare like her raw piano heavy record “Hold On,” to more complex and layered tracks like recent electronic indie record “Nothing.” Ness is bold and raw in her live performances, connecting with audiences and feeling with them. Her songs carry relatable themes of love and heartbreak, as well as powerful messaging about the natural world, environment, battles within, and the struggle of human existence.




Raised in Ottawa, Ness began her performing career in the theatre. While completing a theatre degree in Montreal, she began singing jazz with Canadian icon Jerri Brown. She went on to became the lead singer in Montreal jazz/swing/folk group The Swoon Quartet.


When Ness moved to British Columbia, she joined indie/folk band "Easy Ruckus" with whom she recorded an EP. Ness attended the BMIR program at the Banff Centre for the Arts where she further developed her musical stylings and worked with other established Canadian musicians. Ness now resides in Vancouver and performs regularly at Guilt & Company, 2nd Floor, The Princeton and as a guest singer in local gypsy jazz/folk band Bonfire Ballerina and her duo Lo Ruby. 


Ness lends her voice to other recording artists such as Toronto's surf rock band Father Christmas and Ottawa's electronic producer Cabaal. She’s currently working on her debut album, to be released in 2023

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