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NESS NÖST is a singer, songwriter, producer and performer based out of Vancouver, BC Canada. Born and raised in Canada's capital Ottawa, Ness' Indie-Soul and Folk Rock sound is as dichotomous as she is, combining elements of both dark and light, sweet and sorrow, old and new into her music. Her vocals carry influences from the grit & sass of Bonnie Raitt, to the jazz of Sarah Vaughn, and the R&B stylings of Erykah Badu. Ness’ poetic lyricism and storytelling reflects the likes of Joni Mitchell and CSNY. After performing across North America with various musical groups for the better part of a decade,  Ness has started releasing her original music and has produced and released 3 original singles over the last year and a half. Gaining traction with BC radio stations and blogs, and performing at many venues including Guilt and Company, 2nd Floor, and the Princeton, Ness is in the process of recording her debut 5 track EP to be released in 2024 with two notable Canadian producers. Ness is bold and raw in her live performances, connecting with audiences and feeling with them. Her songs carry relatable themes of love and heartbreak, as well as powerful messaging about the  environment, battles within, and the struggle of human existence.




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Vanessa Nostbakken (AKA NESS NÖST)



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