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THE MOST ANTICIPATED TRACK OFF OF NOST'S DEBUT EP "WORKING HOURS" IS A CHILLING AND  EMOTIONAL Manifesto Exposing the Degrading Realities of Women in the Service Industry. 




Written, performed and produced by Vanessa Nostbakken AKA Ness Nost (guitar, piano & vocals)

Cello: Emilio Suarez

Drums: Aden Goertzen

Engineer (for drums and cello) Andy Schichter of Park Sound, Vancouver (Echo Nebraska, Matt Behm)

Mixed: Kyle Peters of KAP Audio, Toronto (Father Christmas, Beds)

Mastered by Noah Mintz of Laquer Channel Mastering (U2,Rush, Broken Social Scene, The National, Daniel Lanois 

Art Direction & Photography for album art: Melissa Broersma

In an unapologetic poetic ballad, Vanessa Nostbakken, under her artistic pseudonym Ness Nöst, unleashes "The Regular," a searing exposé on the plight of women laboring in the service industry. This fearless composition peels back the layers of societal norms and boldly unearths the uncomfortable truth—harassment, misogyny, and the sacrifice of dignity for tips remain the bitter daily bread for too many.

"The Regular" isn't just a song; it's a powerful artistic commentary that tears through the veil obscuring the harsh reality faced by countless women in the service sector. Ness Nöst's raw lyrics evoke a waitress's struggle to maintain her sense of self-worth amidst the relentless pressure of a needy customer.

Ness Nöst's journey in the service industry is deeply intertwined with her artistic expression and advocacy. Her previous single, "MAID 4 U," resonated with those who've experienced the rollercoaster of "joe-jobs" while chasing bigger dreams. The song chronicled the life of a woman hustling as a maid, waitress, and bartender, all while striving to become a full-time artist. "Maid 4 U" was recently played on Soho Radio in London UK, on women and LGBTQ forward radio show "Get In Her Ears" for it's first on air play. Find this tune on Excla!m Magazine's editorial playlist, written about on Unsigned BC, ParaPop, and an interview with Pennsylvania Capital-Star's former Editor-in-Chief John L Micek

The regular is the second track on Nost's debut EP "Working Hours." This EP offers a fresh, semi-autobiographical collection of five tracks, tracing the journey of a woman in the service industry as she confronts misogyny, abuse, self-sabotage, and doubt on her path to the stage. Ness Nöst's unique blend of pop, jazz, and storytelling genres creates an emotional connection with audiences, leaving listeners feeling seen and understood.

Ness Nöst's commitment to addressing the challenges faced by women in the service industry aligns with the work of organizations like Good Night Out, advocating for safer and more inclusive spaces in the music scene. She firmly believes that music can be a powerful platform for positive change and is dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Having recently completed a successful summer mini-tour in Ontario, Ness Nöst promoted her upcoming EP at venues including Ottawa's Irene's Pub, Toronto's Handlebar, and The Shangri-La. On the west coast, Ness has graced legendary venues such as Guilt & Company, Beaumont Studios, and The Heatley with her compelling performances.

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By NESS NÖST (Vanessa Nostbakken)

He said to the waitress

Won’t you come here

I know you’re busy, but I’m sad

I’m finding it hard to connect

With anybody

And your smile makes me feel glad


He knows they’re not really friends

But he comes in to pretend

It makes him feel like

Less of a Bad guy

Less of a sad guy

Less of a creep


She works every Sunday

Noon to night time

Its her only day off school

Trades her smiles in

For dollars, to keep

Up on her bills, even when the regular loses his cool

She knows they’re not really friends

But she has to pretend

To make him feel like


Less of a Bad guy

Less of a sad guy

Less of a creep


More of a nice guy

Someone she’d like guy

Not the guy he’s known to be


She gots off (work) a little later

So he felt like,

he should follow her back home

She could feel another shadow,

It was then then that she knew, she was no longer alone


She knows they’re not really friends

She doesn’t want to pretend

She said “Hey, you seem like kind of a


Bad guy

Kind of a sad guy

Kind of a creep

I know you don’t mean to be


Less of a nice guy,

It’s not alright guy,

Your stepping over boundaries


Even though you don’t mean to be

You always say you don’t mean to be


(Really building the song here, louder, layered, rocking ou)


He said to the waitress…won’t you come here


Vanessa Nostbakken


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