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Actor | Voice Actor | Singer Songwriter | Music Producer

Her story

Vanessa is an alchemist of the arts. At her true core, she is a storyteller, and her story began early on. Born in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, Vanessa started composing music and expressing her way through theatre at a young age. Vanessa went on to study Theatre at Concordia University, training in clown and voice outside of school, and eventually dove head first into a music career. Vanessa has been writing songs and performing across stages in north America for years. Touring as a jazz singer,  vocalist in indie bands and on other artist's records to begin with, Vanessa carved out a vocal path.  Now, whether as a solo artist or with her hand, Vanessa's own performer pseudonym Ness Nost is a fearless act that packs a punch on stage. Vanessa recently put out her debut EP "Working Hours"  writing, performing and producing the whole record to wide acclaim both in Canada and the UK, with which she is now on tour across Canada. When Ness isn't writing and performing music she is working on her other vocal passion: voice acting. Whether it's commercial or character, Vanessa manages to inject every note of any script she gets with lyricism and humanity. Vanessa has worked on indie video games, jingles, and animation. In the last couple of years Vanessa has taken her talents to the screen, and recently landed her first role in feature film Dont Look Away. Vanessa has a passion for working on projects that tell the truth and send important messages back out into the world, she stands up for what she believes in, and will never stop creating.

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Voice Over

Videogame Demo Vanessa Nostbakken
Narration Demo Vanessa Nostbakken
Character Demo Vanessa Nostbakken
Commercial Demo Vanessa Nostbakken


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Personal Contact

Vanessa Nostbakken

Vancouver-Toronto Voice Representation 

Yvonne Gustafson

London-UK  Voice Representation 

Nadia Robertson 

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