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Custom Wedding Songs & Performances

You're getting married. You're stepping into a beautiful new chapter of your life with your best friend and partner in crime. Celebrate that day and the rest of your lives together with a song that is completely your own. Listen to it on your special wedding day, and 5, 10, 20 years down the road, to remember how it all began. Vanessa will craft your song using your unique love story and bring your fairytale to life, she'll even perform it live if you wish!

This video features Vanessa singing "Wedding Song" by Sarah Harmer, at the request of the wedding couple. 

"Vanessa's wedding song brought us to tears. It was already such a beautiful intense day for us, and to have our own song just made it! We still listen to the's been five years!" 

-Alex & Amanda

Newlywed Testimonials

Customization Process

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Add a Title

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

1. Select Song Package

Find the package that is right for you below, and click the button! *The Platinum package has a request for quote as it involves potential travel costs.*

4. Songwriting Process

 Begin writing the melody and lyrics of your song and send over a first draft for approval

2. Submit Project Details 

Once you've clicked the package button, you'll fill out the song questionnaire, after which Vanessa will set up a story time call with you.

5. Production & Mixing

Once the song is approved by you, we move on to the production stages to put final touches and polish on the song.

3. Schedule Story Call

The fun part! We get to talk about you and your couple story to start crafting ideas for the song lyrics and style.

6. Song Delivery!

Your custom song will be delivered in high quality format MP3 or WAV file by e-mail.

Custom Song Packages

Custom Song Plans

  • Silver Level

    A radio quality acoustic custom song.
    • Offers a radio ready acoustic song
    • Includes vocals, guitar or piano
    • Get your MP3
  • Gold Level

    Radio quality full band recording of your song
    • Includes your song lyrics engraved on a plaque
    • Original framed handwritten lyrics of your song


Your one custom acoustic song with vocals and guitar or piano. Delivered to you by your wedding day!


Fully produced song with band instruments, lyrics engraved on a plaque, lyrics handwritten in a frame, and video performance of song. 


Includes your custom song with full band production, and the lyrics engraved on a custom plaque! 


Your fully produced song and live performance of song at your wedding by Vanessa as a solo intimate performance (travel permitting) 

Payment & Terms


Payment is preferred by e-transfer to  If outside of Canada payment can be done through Paypal. An initial deposit of 10%  is due after the Story Call. Final payment due upon song delivery date. Installments are an option upon discussion


Every song comes with a Personal Use License. What that means is that you can share your song on social media, use it in your personal videos/montages, make a copy for family and things of that nature. You do not have the rights to monetize the song in any way because the artist (Vanessa) that composed your song retain all of the rights.

Wedding Performer Option 

Just want unique cover songs at your wedding?
Hire Vanessa as your one woman show!

Vanessa brings energy, empathy, and fun to every room she's playing in. Reading the room is her forte, playing off of the crowd, and even coming up with songs on the spot to interact with the party. From opening ceremony song, to cocktail hour, to after dinner, get in touch with V to make your night memorable and special with her powerful vocals and engaging performance style. 

About Vanessa

The story behind the musician

Vanessa Nostbakken is a singer-songwriter from Ottawa Canada, now based on the West Coast, in Vancouver. Vanessa has been working as a professional vocalist, songwriter and performer for years, and has played hundreds of live shows across North America. She has been a feature vocalist on other recording artist's albums, toured with several bands in the US and Canada, and currently performs under the stage name"Ness Nöst." Vanessa writes songs about the heart, the struggles of life, and the beauty in between.  Soul, folk, jazz, to rock and roll and r and b are some of the genres Vanessa explores. Her powerful vocals mixed with her timeless storytelling and heartfelt lyrics make her ability to connect with couples and write unique songs a beautiful paring. See an even more detailed account of Vanessa's music and life history in the "About" section of this website. You can also listen to her music and see video footage of live performances. 

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