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"NESS NÖST comes with honesty alongside warm melodies and the ability to express the essence of the human experience." 

Canadian singer-songwriter Ness Nost writes the kind of thoughtful and

introspective guitar-driven pop tunes the world could use a bit more of.

John Micek, Capital Star 


A seasoned performer hailing from Ottawa, Canada Ness Nöst (née Vanessa Nostbakken) thrives on stage, where her act truly comes to life. Her music bears the imprints of legends like Joni Mitchell's emotive lyricism, Bonnie Raitt's gritty charm, and CSNY’s memorable harmonies.


It's safe to say that Ness is a multi-genre talented artist that carries her experiences of hardships, womanhood, and hope through her music.

-Unsigned BC

Working Hours is the powerful storytelling of artist Ness Nost (Vanessa Nostbakken) entering the dark twists and turns of a woman's life in the service industry.  Nostbakken wrote, performed, and produced the entire EP, having raised $7000 independently to put it into the world. The EP is a concept piece, a semi-autobiographical account of Nostbakken’s 11 years as a woman in the service industry. The first track, Maid 4 U, captured airtime in its first week of release on Soho Radio in London UK, made it to Exclaim’s EH! Playlist, and continues to draw great reviews, most notably with The Regular. The Regular tells the story of a young waitress who has to choose between putting up with the unwanted advances of a regular customer to keep her job or standing up for herself against the guy who takes her kindness for consent. It has captivated people with its harrowing storytelling and painful truths. 

[The song] delves into the challenges women in the service industry face, battling

 misogyny, self-sabotage and pursuit of dreams all wrapped up in an acoustic-pop sound.

Get in her ears

 NESS NÖST’s unique sonic lens and captivating songwriting allure making for a release that will stick with you for long after your listen. (CLOUT Magazine UK)


From the prominent sentimental acoustic guitar to the wistful harmonies, the production plucks your heart strings in a way that has you feeling empathetic as the last few seconds fade away.

Vanessa Nostbakken, known by her artistic persona Ness Nöst, unveils a poignant ballad that transcends musical boundaries to deliver a fearless commentary on the struggles faced by women in the service industry. Wax Vynil UK


…the song captures our attention from start to finish, effortlessly

making me a fan of her rich, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities.


Nost will be featured in Exclaim Magazine Canada as a "New Fave" February 2024, right before the full release of the EP. She'll be finishing up an Ontario mini tour before launch, in Perth, Ottawa and Toronto in Feb before kicking off the release show on the West Coast in Vancouver March 2024.

Written, performed and produced by Vanessa Nostbakken AKA Ness Nost (guitar, piano & vocals)

Cello: Emilio Suarez

Drums: Aden Goertzen

Engineer (for drums and cello) Andy Schichter of Park Sound, Vancouver (Echo Nebraska, Matt Behm)

Mixed: Kyle Peters of KAP Audio, Toronto (Father Christmas, Beds)

Mastered by Noah Mintz of Laquer Channel Mastering (U2,Rush, Broken Social Scene, The National, Daniel Lanois 

Art Direction & Photography for album art: Melissa Broersma



Single Artwork (ft. Ness Nost/Vanessa Nostbakken) shot by Melissa Broersma

Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 10.41.25 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 10.14.05 AM.png


Trevor Sinclair

Music Management North


(867) 445-3862

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